About Us

My name Anshar Djie, I live in an area in Indonesia, precisely in the province of West Sulawesi, Polewali Mandar. I am a blogger, and the whole time I spent at the computer.

Home and Family is a blog that is built to share information and all things related to home and family. I hope this blog can provide a lot of information about home and family and everything you need to build a comfortable home and happy family relationships.

Maybe information about how family relationships can be established in harmony, how to develop and provide a good education for our children, how to maintain the health of the family as very important, how to create the conditions for a comfortable and healthy home for the whole family, as well as other information which may be important for us to be able to enjoy a happy life.

Articles presented in this blog comes from many places and we make every effort to translate it into an international language, English. Of course, because it is very important to share information and are no longer limited to one language or locally. If there is a mistake in the translation, we apologize for that.

We are pleased to receive suggestions and feedback from you for the development of this blog. Hence this blog and all articles are presented in it, it will not mean anything without visitors. For that, please do not hesitate to contact us via the CONTACT US page.

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Finally, I hope the article published in this blog can provide benefits for us all.

Thank you.